Cougar Vibration is a proven leader in the vibratory equipment industry, manufacturing electric, hydraulic, truck-mounted 12 volt, ball, piston and turbine air vibrators; vibratory and compaction tables and feeders; sprayers and blow guns.
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G&B Specialties Inc

G&B Specialties Inc

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Berwick, PA 18603
Mission:The management of G & B Specialties, Inc. believes that our customers have the right to a high quality product, a reasonable guarantee, and an honest and friendly service staff. With this philosophy in mind, G&B Specialties' mission is to provide reliable, innovative engineered products and engineering services to the railroad industry with a skilled team of employees that are dedicated to our customers' needs.Vision:G&B Specialties, Inc. intends to be a market leader as one of the most customer responsive, innovating, and quality forward manufacturer in the railroad supply business. Our company will be recognized as the manufacturer of superior quality railroad track and signal products that will help set the standard of our market. We intend to reach these objectives by providing superior service, quality, and competitive pricing.Products ListingG & B Specialties, Inc. currently offers a wide range of signal and track products to the North American Railway Industry. Additionally, we provide a full range of customer support from field installation support, engineering services, to technical information. The following are our principal products:Signal components consist of electric switch machine internal components, layout components, and other miscellaneous signaling components supplied to the OEM as well as directly to the railway industry.Switch machine layouts consist of a variety of forged rods, machined castings, junction boxes, and hardware conveniently packaged together. They are the connecting mechanism between an electric switch machine and the two rails at a turnout location.Switch circuit controller is an electromechanical device that physically detects the position of a rail and is interfaced with the signaling circuit to permit or prevent a train from crossing a particular turnout location.Electric lock is used to securely lock the hand throw lever of a hand operated switch machine or ground throw switch stand in the normal position. It provides a means of interlocking a manually operated switch with the signal circuits so that the switch may not be operated unless traffic conditions permit or the normally sealed emergency release is operated.Switch point rollers reduce the force required to move the rails at a turnout location by reducing the friction between the rails and its supporting plates.Manual switch stands perform the same functions as an electromechanical switch machine however, it requires an individual to physically rotate a throwing lever to actuate the movement of the rail.Track switch rods maintain a predetermined distance between the two rails.Railgear is a rugged product which is easy to operate and will transfer your vehicle from road to rail quickly and easily.A complete copy of our catalog detailing our railway products is available upon request.
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