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Mynatt Truck & Equipment Co

Mynatt Truck & Equipment Co

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Contact: Jason Osborn
19932 West 157th Street
Olathe, KS 66062
Mynatt Truck & Equipment Co. has been a premier supplier of truck mounted cranes in the United States since 1988. We offer Palfinger and Prentice cranes and always have a wide variety in stock.

Cranes can be mounted on the chassis of your choice or in a stationary position for dock, yard, or warehouse operations.

Select from one of our standard configurations or let us design a unit specifically for your application.

Dealer Services:
* Palfinger Utility, Drywall & Knuckle Boom Cranes
* Prentice Hydraulic Loaders and Grapples
* Palfinger Crayler Mobile Forklifts
* Palift Hooklift Systems
* Meyer Snow Products
* Northman Plows
* Tenco Machinery Plows & Spreaders
* Falls Plows and Spreaders
* Kinshofer Crane Attachments
* Lemco Cranes
* DMF High Rail Systems
* Force America & Muncie Central Hydraulic Systems
* Muncie PTO and Wet Kit
* Silent Drive Tag & Pusher Axles
* Northshore Crane Attachments
* Hetronic Remote Control Systems
* Hydraulic Winches
* Reconditioning of your equipment can save you thousands and extend the life of your equipment.

Product Showcase

Epsilon Loaders – Best in class – fastest yet!

Epsilon Loaders – Best in class – fastest yet!

The Epsilon crane brings ferociously fast cycle times, ultra-light weight, and the ability to stow itself with the grapple attached, making this unit unbeatable by its competitors.
The Epsilon crane is ideally suited for storm cleanup, recycling and timber management as it provides very high cycle times. With the ability to dump the contents of your bed without unfolding or moving the crane out of the way the operational savings become apparent.
Contact Mynatt Truck at (800) 669-6288 for your customized package.
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